Niagara Falls could get shut off? It sounds absurd, but apparently it could be happening. The American side of the falls was shut down once before in 1969 in an effort to study the erosion and buildup of rock at the base of the falls. Now the New York State parks system wants to turn off the falls again in the next few years in order to replace two 115-year-old stone arch bridges that provide pedestrians access to Goat Island, Buffalo News reports.

As done in 1969, shutting off the American falls would mean diverting the water on the NY side to the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side, according to Buffalo News.

There are two plans for the repairs that could happen, with repair costs for the bridges estimating between $21.6 million and $37.3 million, the Buffalo News reports. Water could be diverted for five months in the first year from August to December, or for nine months from April through December.

We don't know about you but we would DEFINITELY make the trip over to the falls if they stopped the flow! Check out another video from 1969. This is insanely awesome. Do you remember seeing the falls like this?

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