The following video is from 6 months ago.  With the warmer weather on the horizon for WNY, Niagara Falls Police are readying for possible problems with an accelerated fight against crime.  Keep reading after video to see what the Niagara Falls Police are planning.

The Niagara Falls Police and City Government must be anticipating something as summer and the warmer weather approaches.  They've announced that 7 additional Security Cameras will be placed in specific areas of the City.  You may ask yourself...WHY?

After seeing this News Story and preparing to do this Post, I went online to get more info.  Upon doing that I was astonished by the different News Stories regarding Crime in Niagara Falls.  Based on what you're going to see in the videos below, the Niagara Falls Police, and City Government, have good reason to be more aggressive and smarter regarding fighting crime in The Falls.


Pine Avenue is the most prominent street in Niagara Falls for Business and Niagara Falls Public Activity...however it's aslo the amin area of concern for Nigarav Falls Police as the area continues to be threatened by crime...specifically Gang Crime.

Mayor Paul Dyster said this regarding placing 7 more Security Cameras in Niagara Falls:

"Perpetrators don't necessarily know where those cameras are located, they don't know what their reach is, and they may think twice if they think an image of their face or maybe the license plate of their vehicle is likely to turn up in evidence against them," says Dyster.

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