Now this story of the "butt slap" heard around the world, was hilarious to me. I've played football my whole life and one thing you can be sure of, is seeing teammates after a good play slapping another teammate on his backside.

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Well, after LSU won the college national championship game, they were seen in the locker room celebrating the win. One of the LSU players had a cigar and the security guard told him to put it out, and that's when Cleveland Browns wide receiver (and LSU alum) Odell Beckham, Jr. decided to slap the guard on his backside while yelling "get the gat". Odell definitely looked as if he was joking, but the guard didn't think it was funny.

Now the New Orleans police have issued an arrest warrant for  simple battery for Odell Beckham Jr. Check out the story from ESPN below, then answer our poll: did the officer completely overreact?

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