It seems everyday we learn something new about this coronavirus and the main idea I keep hearing is if you take care of your germs you might not get the virus.

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So washing your hands and not touching your face as silly as it sounds might be our best way to defend ourselves against the COVID-19 or the coronavirus.

With the awareness of the coronavirus rising some grocery stores in WNY are putting a purchase limit on items like hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.

According to WKBW,

Wegmans posted this information on their website:
"To help ensure the availability of high-demand items for all customers, we are limiting the purchase of hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, alcohol wipes and prep pads, and hydrogen peroxide to 3 each per order. We continue to receive shipments of these products and are pushing them out to stores as soon as they arrive."

Tops Markets says they will also be "limiting hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes to three (3) per customer to allow as much available inventory for our customers as possible."



I'm not playing no games I'm start walking around with a bar of soap and a bottle water #judgefreezone lol. Stay safe and good luck WNY as we fight this coronavirus together.


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