Yeah, the title of this post is purposely misleading ... but true.  Per the New York Times, If you stand up for racial injustice in the United States, by kneeling as a player in the NFL during the national anthem, your team will be fined.

The new ruling the NFL has come up with, regarding using kneeling as a form of protest, is no longer acceptable - not that it ever was "acceptable" - or any type of visible protest (as quiet as it's kept).  The new ruling is such that you must stand if you choose to be on the field when the national anthem begins... if you are present on the field and kneel, your team will be fined.

To clarify, players are not forced to come out for the national anthem, but if they do so they are required to stand.  So in other words, the only "acceptable" means of protest for players in the NFL is to make yourself invisible.

I'm being very sarcastic with respect to addressing this NFL decision because I think it's very unfair and it pushes the issue 'under the rug' so to speak.  It's like being in a marriage and you have a problem with something your mate is doing and want to vent.  Your spouse tells you can vent....but you have to go in to another room and do it such that you can't be heard.




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