Buffalo may be the new Hollywood! A new movie is set to start filming here this week!

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"A corrupt con-man teams up with a psychiatrist to trick people into giving them money. A remake of the 1947 film." ~ IMDb


Nightmare Alley is a remake, directed by Guillermo del Toro and starring Rooney Mara playing a character named Molly, Bradley Cooper as Stanton 'Stan' Carlisle and Cate Blanchett as Lilith Ritter, according to IMDb. Buffalo's film commissions, Tim Clark, told WIVB that filming will start tomorrow (February 25). Where exactly the movie will be shot in Buffalo, hasn't been revealed.

“Well what it is is that book was given to me in 1992 by Ron Perlman before I saw the Tyrone Power movie, and I loved the book. My adaptation that I’ve done with [co-writer] Kim Morgan is not necessarily — the entire book is impossible, it’s a saga." ~ Guillermo del Toro via Slash Film

Check out the trailer from the 1947 version of Nightmare Alley:

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