The major blizzard that has caused multiple deaths and essentially shut down parts of the country has really left places like Buffalo and surrounding areas reeling.

The area has been recovering from the snowstorm that blew in with hurricane-force winds, below-freezing temperatures, and dumped more than 4 feet of snow, but it has been slow.

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Lots of additional resources have been coming into Western New York from all around the state, neighboring states, and even the federal government to help with cleanup and recovery. NY State Police from all over the state have made their way to Buffalo, along with Public Works and power crews from all over.

The response to Western New York has been tremendous, however, this has caused another set of problems in other areas of the state as parts of Downstate New York are now without some of the police resources they need. To help add the lower parts of New York, officials have announced that the New Jersey State Police will be crossing into New York to help with enforcement and security. This is in addition to the additional members of the National Guard that are coming in.

In addition to helping with traffic around Downstate New York, officials from the NJSP are in Buffalo to help with snow recovery.

Snow Recovery Is Expected To Take Days

Many areas of Buffalo and north Cheektowaga are still impassable and emergency crews have been working nonstop to help clear roads. Officials have stated they expect it to take several days to clear at least one lane of traffic on every road in the area.

Getting roads as clear as possible is essential because emergency vehicles have had a hard time getting around in the area due to the massive amount of snow and roads that are clogged with vehicles.

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