How can someone so beautiful be so dirty? That's the question a lot of us had after Big Sean's ex-finance Naya Rivera went on National TV and suggested that taking a shower everyday is a "White People Thing to do". After a firestorm erupted online and on worldwide airwaves, the Glee star says it was just a bad joke. Watch her try to clarify her statement here.

The View

As a guest host of the View on Tuesday, Naya revealed her alarming theory on showering. Watch the video to hear it for yourself.

Of course as a newly-wed, there are bound to be some things about your husband or that you don't understand. But that's no excuse for making a generalized statement such as "White people shower way more than ethnic". I mean come on Naya, as if people of color don't get enough discrimination, now you got white folk thinking we only shower every three days!!

Today Naya returned to the View to tell the world it was all just a bad joke. Watch this!

Where is Olivia Pope? This is a PR nightmare and it goes keeps getting worse!!

Her "Apology" was worse then her original statement. If Naya wants to shower every three days, she need not say sorry for it. Just keep that bit of information to herself and don't make it a racial debate.

But now that it is .... how much do you think a person should shower/bathe?