There are many parents right here in our community that are oftentimes wondering how their child with special needs is going to thrive in this current learning environment that parents and children with disabilities are dealing with.

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I'm a parent of a child with Autism. My wife had to quickly adapt to becoming a full-time teacher and try to maintain a household and have somewhat of a life of her own, which is not very much right now, I mean, in the way of free time. I learned many things that I thought I already knew about dealing with my son Tyrek, just from watching and observing the lesson planning and preparation for the school day.

Here are a few tips that maybe you might not have thought of to help you get through your day and, maybe make your school day with your child go just a little more smoothly. One of the first things I notice, time management is extremely important, getting your child ready for the day by setting realistic time goals for them to sit still.

Parents of children with disabilities are probably the most patient people in the world, but there is a different kind of patience you have to pack for remote learning. Remember that the teachers in most cases are trying new ways to communicate with your child, and that can be a challenge in its self, having patience with the teacher, your child, and the process is key.

There are many tips that I can go on and on talking about, but lastly, you should remind your child's teacher when it may be time for a break, in most cases teachers are really trying hard to get through their lesson plan and a break could get lost in the shuffle.

Good luck with the rest of the school year, and know that you are not alone.



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