Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali Secret Child?
This is something that will surely catch you off guard, Kiiursti Ali, Muhammad Ali's alleged secret love child, has come forward and wants to see her father as he has become as ill as he has. She also wants him to give her away at her upcoming wedding.
Midnight Motivation With ADRI.V The Go Getta
Have you ever felt like quitting and giving up? Well so have I, but what I realized is that if I just keep going, but go a little harder and put in all the work now that later on my days will be greater. So I say unto you dont stop, keeping going so that later on you can live your life as a champion…
Ali -VS- Bruce Lee!
In today "SUNDAY CLASSICS BATTLE of THE STARS"... MUHAMMAD ALI takes on BRUCE LEE!!!  Watch the AMAZING VIDEOS below of both and then call us @ 716-644-9393 until 2PM today and vote!!!
(The actual Animated Fight between te tow is the very last video...
Muhammad Ali Is Fine Following Health Scare
There’s word that heavyweight boxing legend Muhammad Ali was rushed to hospital last month after slipping in and out of consciousness. Some say he appeared weak and frail days earlier at Joe Frazier’s funeral.