M&T bank will now occupy the tallest building in Buffalo...the Seneca Tower ... and according to news reports, the move will generate thousands of jobs by 2020.

WKBW posted a tweet that takes you on a virtual tour of the new facility:

The building's owner, Doug Jamal, said this, according to reports:

"I started coming here and I started investing and designing the building and then I started getting to know the contractors and the community. I fell in love with this place. We are so fortunate, I am so fortunate to be part of this revitalization,"

M&T Bank CEO, Rene Jones, said this according to the WKBW news report:

Michael Wisler, M&T’s Chief Information Officer (according to the news) said, 

"Technology is becoming the centerpiece of almost every company's strategic advantage, and that's no different for us in banking, and we know that we've got to invest in technology, but most importantly in talent. Really great talent that can take us to the next generation of what banking brings us."

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