America’s only black all-male college will reportedly start admitting transgender students come 2020! A news release from Morehouse College announced that they will start admitting transgender students who identify as men under their new ‘Gender Identity Admissions and Matriculation Policy’.

Back in 2017, another HBCU for women, Spellman College, made similar changes in a new policy of their own.

Morehouse Vice President for enrollment management Terrace Dioxon said,

“In a rapidly changing world that includes a better understanding of gender identity, we’re proud to expand our admissions policy to consider trans men who want to be part of an institution that has produced some of the greatest leaders in social justice, politics, business, and the arts for more than 150 years,” adding, “The ratification of this policy affirms the College’s commitment to develop men with disciplined minds who will lead lives of leadership and service.”

This new policy only allows for trans men to be admitted. Trans women or anyone who identifies as a woman will not qualify for admission.

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