Okay Ladies, there are a record number of women in Congress currently and more and more women are beginning to throw their name in the hat for the Presidential Race coming next year.  529 Women filed to run for Congress in 2018, according to reports.  However, there are only 3 women elected to political office in Buffalo and Erie County presently, according to news reports.  Additionally, there are no women serving on the Buffalo Common Council among its nine members.

Diana Cihak of the WomenElect political training program told WGRZ:

"Between the city and the county, there are only three women elected to political office right now ... if you don't include the judicial seats or school board.  "I think there's a lot of internal politics that don't bring women to the table in the way that a lot of the men step up and do. And so women have been left out of the process.  There needs to be an infrastructure in place that really brings women in, that shows them the ropes," she said. "Women want to be confident about what they're gonna do, how they're gonna govern, how they're gonna get into office."

Executive Director of the Erie County Commission on the Status of Women, Karen King, had this to say, according to the WGRZ article:

"It's been almost 100 since women won the right to vote, and we know that we are nowhere near gender parity in elected office, so we have work to do. And part of that work means engaging young women as soon as possible."

Ladies...WATCH THIS:

There is an effort in Buffalo called 'WOMEN ELECT' which is actively recruiting women who want to run for Office in Buffalo and Erie County...if that's you...click the button below.

Now I'm not certain as to how many Public High School Girls were or are aware of this, but an effort called 'First Amendment First Vote' was launched in March 2018 and, according to the video, 40 girls, specifically from Erie County, showed up on a Saturday morning to learn more about the political system, the First Amendment, and eventually visited the Women's Rights National Park Visitor Center in Seneca Falls, which is the birthplace of the Women's Rights Movement in the United States.  They eventually went back to Seneca Falls for a summit to learn how to run a Political Campaign and what to expect once elected, according to the report I watched, which you can also watch below.

If you're a woman reading this and interested in a Political Career in Buffalo, and possibly beyond, click the button below for more info.

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