In a world where cops and neighborhood watchmen are found not guilty of killing unarmed black people, it's hard to believe that a cop in Memphis lost her job after making a brief cameo in a rap video. But it's true. Watch this!

The Memphis Police Department put officer Black Female officer Paris Glass on unpaid leave after receiving a link to the rap video "What's Up B?" which features explicit lyrics. They accuse her of knowingly associating herself with gang activity.

During the investigation of her involvement with the music video, Paris resigned from the MPD after serving seven years as an officer. Granted, she was not in uniform, nor was she doing any more than dancing in the background, her willingness to be around gang members was enough to get her suspended without pay!

Youtube Paris Glass
Youtube Paris Glass

I agree that this is not the ideal spotlight for an officer of the law, but after watching so many white male cops return to duty after violating, terrorizing and killing citizens on camera, I wouldn't be so quick to throw dirt on a cop for being an extra in a rap video.

This is just another example an unequal justice system. Leave your thoughts below.

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