Every week I,  ADRI.V The Go Getta look to feature and interview a young mover and shaker who embodies the “Go Getta Spirit” and is doing great things for the people and themselves in the Western New York and Southern Ontario community.

Having the the blessed opportunity of having my show “The Go Getta Mix” I look to use my platform to acknowledge those people nominated as “The Go Getta of The Week”.

Meet The Go Getta Tamika Collins-Murphy


Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, Tamika brings a wealth of knowledge to the Real Estate Market both residential and Commercial, as well as an extensive banking background of over 10 years. She attended Buffalo State College, where she majored in communications, utilizing this skill as she offers an outstanding level of service.

A focused listener, Tamika is known for her genuine concern as she creates a positive experience for both sides in any property transaction. Her approach is direct and successful. She listens to each of her client needs and matches them to the perfect home.

Tamika specializes in helping first-time homebuyers find their dream home. She has held numerous seminars to educate buyers on the entire process of buying a home and the many different programs that are available to assist with closing costs and down payments.

Tamika is currently on the PR Board with her HUNT office, volunteers at the Boys and Girls Clubs, Cornerstone Shelter (homeless Women & Children) and is actively involved in other activities throughout the community. She credits her success to her very supporting husband and 2 daughters, and a very close circle of friends and family that supports her every step of the way. So it’s no surprise that she is very passionate in assisting others with their wants and dreams.

Are you a Go Getta or know a Go Getta? One who gives back to their community,  a catalyst of change?  Consistently seeking to better themselves and those around them? Is this person determined to go after their dreams to achieve them and motivates others to do the same? If You know someone with the “Go Getta” Spirit or mentality I want to hear about them!

Each week I will pick a Go Getta of the Week from the submissions. The Go Getta chosen will be recognized on The Go Getta Mix, WBLK website and announced via social media.  If you are a Go Getta and or know a Go Getta Nominate them to today!!!

Send a email about the Go Getta you are nominating including their photo, social media handles, and why they should be the “Go Getta Of The Week” to adriv@wblk.com

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