Having the the blessed opportunity of having my show “The Go Getta Mix” I look to use my platform to acknowledge those people nominated as “The Go Getta of The Week”.

Meet The Go Getta Keith A. Williams Jr.!

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KEITH A. WILLIAMS JR is a photographer who specializes in capturing high quality images of people, events and concepts through his artistic and disciplined mastery of the camera. Versatility allows him to fulfill the needs of corporate as well as individual clients. His path has been a result of his zest for life. Based in Buffalo, NY, Keith has been a photographer for 6 years. His style is unique in the use of colorful, energetic imagery. Introduced to photography at age 17 was by happenstance. “I’d never given much thought to photography growing up. During my junior year of high school at my track and field meet, a friend recorded me in action. She’d handed me the camera and if you can believe it, I had no idea how it worked. Being a bit of a “tech nerd” the mechanics, design and ability of this tiny piece of equipment fascinated me! Not knowing how to use the camera raised a new and exciting challenge that I was eager to conquer. The following Christmas my great grandmother gifted me with my very first camera, a Canon Powershot SX150!”



After coursework at NCCC in Digital Photography, Keith invested in shared studio space in Kenmore NY. Through research and experience, he became a self-taught professional, honed his craft and quickly became a working photographer. For Keith, understanding lighting, angles and tones have become intuitive calculations. He has provided his expertise as a photographer at events such as the 42nd Annual Legislative Caucus in Albany, NY, Speaker and Social Events for M&T Bank, and worked with the Buffalo Bills Corporate Offices for holiday photo shoots for the Buffalo Jills. His talents have been tapped for fashion photography, corporate quality headshots, portraits and many other social events. Keith’s other interests include Computer IT, barbering and fitness training. In all that he does he is a trendsetter, who uses high standards of style and quality! Keith appreciates the love and support of family, friends and mentors who encourage his chosen path and professional endeavors.

Are you a Go Getta or know a Go Getta? One who gives back to their community,  a catalyst of change?  Consistently seeking to better themselves and those around them? Is this person determined to go after their dreams to achieve them and motivates others to do the same? If You know someone with the “Go Getta” Spirit or mentality I want to hear about them!

Each week I will pick a Go Getta of the Week from the submissions. The Go Getta chosen will be recognized on The Go Getta Mix, WBLK website and announced via social media.  If you are a Go Getta and or know a Go Getta Nominate them to today!!!

Send a email about the Go Getta you are nominating including their photo, social media handles, and why they should be the “Go Getta Of The Week” to adriv@wblk.com



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