Meet the brave 6-year-old Upstate New York hero who saved his great grandfather.

Noah Lowe of Chaumont, New York walked in on his great grandfather lying on the floor having what the Thousand Island Emergency Rescue Service (TIERS) called a "life threatening cardiac event."

Noah didn't panic though. He calmly and bravely called 9-1-1 to help.

The Jefferson County boy knew what to do thanks to his family. His mother and father are both TIERS members and several of his family members are EMTs and firefighters in the area. So helping people comes naturally.

"Due to the quick actions of this young hero, the appropriate resources were dispatched, and first responders were soon at great grandpa’s side," TIERS shared on Facebook. "If not for Noah, the outcome would have most likely been far more serious. A special TIERS shout out to this future first responder."

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Cortland Boy Helping Firefighters Save Precious Minutes

An 11-year-old Cortland, New York boy is a hero for helping firefighters save precious minutes battling a blaze with one simple act of kindness.

Blayke Austen-Hines shovels out fire hydrants in the neighborhood to keep them clear of snow all winter. It's something he's been doing since he could pick up a shovel, according to WSYR.

One of those hydrants was needed March 1, 2021 after a fire broke out in the back of a home before moving into an empty attic, according to the Cortland Fire Department. “The excessive winds and cold temperature made fighting the fire very difficult," said Cortland Fire Chief Wayne Friedman.

Credit - Cortland Professional Firefighters/Cortland Fire Department
Credit - Cortland Professional Firefighters/Cortland Fire Department

Luckily access to a fire hydrant wasn't a problem for firefighters thanks to Blayke. "If we didn’t have access to that hydrant, we would have ran out of water either going to another hydrant or having to shovel, chip away the ice to get to that hydrant," Friendman told WSYR.

Because of Blayke's dedication and thoughtfulness the fire department was able to easily access the hydrant with no delays. "Blayke Austen-Hines, you are a role model and should be very proud of the job you've done to help the fire department," said the Cortland Youth Bureau.

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