Now I am Slim Wire so I am not partaking in any of these cheap deals but man if wasnt Slim Wire Big Mac's for 1 Penny?!!! I would be all over that lol.

But Mcdonalds and door dash are celebrating its team up by creating this major deal buy making Mcdonalds most popular sandwich the Big Mac 1 Cent From September 30th until October 4th.

I wouldn't make this up as many Big Macs as you can carry out just place the order on the Door dash app or website for a Big Mac then enter this code 1MBIGMAC here's were it gets better you buy a Big Mac for 1 cent then you automatically get entered into the drawing to win $1 million

So you know everything comes with a catch, we no the delivery fees on the food delivery apps be outrageous so them make the Big Mac 1 cent it still will total the cost of a regular in store Big Mac after the fees and taxes. I figured I save that for the last.

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