Master P isn't one for birthday surprises it seems.

Several days before the hip-hop mogul's birthday, he was surprised by a flash mob in Los Angeles as he was lunching on a patio with his son Romeo and a couple other companions.

As reported by TMZ, P was in the middle of their sitdown when a group of about 15 people ran up in front of his table and danced to everything from Justin Bieber's 'Beauty and the Beat' to PSY's 'Gangam Style.'

As the mob transitioned from song to song, P grew agitated enough to get up and walk out of his own lunch, which was probably supposed to be a simple pre-celebratory event with his family and friends.

Cameras followed him from the restaurant and with every step he grew more irritated with the questions about his opinion of the flash mob. "I don't know [what that was]," he told the cameraman. "I'm good, man."

There was a woman who ran after him, hoping to explain who it was that planned the flash mob but he only shrugged her efforts off. "I'll talk to you later," he said forcefully.

No word on who actually set the surprise up but we bet they won't try it again with the No Limit founder.

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