The latest inductee into the BIG DUMMY FILES is Kelly D. Allen from Houston Texas. He was recently pulled over and held for QUESTIONING by the Houston police. An informant told the police that a white man was in the neighborhood buying marijuana. When the informant showed up and wasn't able to correctly identify Allen as the white man who was in the neighborhood buying weed he was let go.

Allen was searched and hand cuffed, no charges were pressed he wasn't even technically arrested. He is suing for 400,000 in mental anguish and 12 million in punitive damages , he claims while he was cuffed he was not able to use his hands to hold onto anything. The issue is not about black white or any other race, 12 million dollars for racial profiling even if the claims were true are ridiculous.

This guy thinking that he is going to get 12 dollars let alone 12 million is what solidifies his spot in the big dummy files, good luck with that one Kelly. His court date is March 30th 2012, for now take a seat in the big dummy files.