Robert Marucci, a senior at Cocoa High School in Cocoa, Florida, told WKMG that he picked up his X-rated gig to help his mom pay the bills.

His mom, Melyssa Lieb, said when students discovered the explicit material online, her son became a target. "He was bullied, he was threatened." Then, according to Lieb, her son was suspended, because the principal didn't approve of his after-school activities.

This seems crazy but welcome to 2014. There are so many things wrong with this situation. Why is this mother sending her son out to be a sex worker while he is still in high school ? Is she to old to act in XXX films ? There are a million other things he could have done to make money other than acting in XXX films, I'm not buying it. Do you think the school should have allowed him to come back ?

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