According to WIVB tonight's Big Dummy is right here from Buffalo and he is a certified pervert. He has been accused of taking inappropriate pictures of women in his iPhone that he hid in his shoe. This is the result of what happens when the thirst takes over your mind.

28-year-old Daniel Knoble, was allegedly observed using an iPhone camera and a hole in his shoe to capture images.

Buffalo Police Business District Chief Brian Patterson said, "In this particular incident the individual was standing next to the victim, videotaping women in an indecent way."

Knoble was arrested last week and was charged with second degree unlawful surveillance and disorderly conduct. Authorities say the incident happened at Main and Court Streets last Thursday.

I didn't even know this was possible. It took a lot of time and effort to come up with this perverted scheme to look at women. The time Daniel spent coming up with this plot to be a pervert downtown, could have been spent meeting women and being able to look at them for FREE. Fellas beware this is what happens when the thirst takes over.