A lot people complain about young people always ruining some sort of excitement for others but it really be the older people thinking they are invincible! I had an experience at a club where an older gentleman lost his mind and started shooting outside the club because he couldn't get a date after the club! Similar situation here.

Thats right a 67-year-old man James Allen Wells went to the strip club and maybe had memory loss because after old man James got a private dance (yes, it says after), His  debit card declined! Apparently upset he left the building and drew a revolver out of his waistband, and blasted five shots into vehicles in the place's parking lot.

I would have been pissed if my car was in that parking lot because those shots hit 5 different cars


Old man James is charged with multiple things, carrying weapons, two counts of second-degree criminal mischief, five counts of reckless use of a firearm, two counts of assault on a peace officer and one count each of eluding, reckless driving, interference while armed and also fourth-degree criminal mischief.



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