Phillip Rodger Bennett of Cartersville, Ga. was tired of looking at his neighbor's unkempt lawn, so he decided to do something about it. Marty Corbitt (who lives across the street from Phillip) says his 58-year-old neighbor slapped him across the the face last week and told him to mow his grass.

Heres is how it all went down according to CBS ATLANTA: Marty says he was going to cut his grass (yeah, right), Phillip confronted him again about the grass still not being cut, then he broke a window, poured gasoline inside Marty's home and set the house on fire. Marty and his 3-year-old daughter were inside the home at the time. Phillip fled and was captured in Murphy, N.C.

People have really lost their minds. Did he think setting his house on fire was going to make him mow his lawn even faster? This is a stupid reason to go to prison over for attempted arson.

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