Im telling you nothing surprises me anymore. Anything to ruin the culture

On January 10, a Caucasian man walked into a Las Vegas casino in black face and robbed the casino cage of the New York-New York. James Kennedy, 26, was hit with an armed robbery charge on March 9 in federal court.

According to Vibe, James used makeup to look like he was black, but the cashier knew something wasn’t right about that melanin, which was described as “off” and “blotchy.”

James, who had a gun, told the cashier

“I want all your hundreds and don’t mess around. I am not kidding, I want all the hundreds,”

Before running off with more than $23,000. USED a taxi to get away and on top of all that is that the robbery went down on Jan. 10, but James wasn’t arrested until Jan. 25 after someone called and said he might be the guy they’re looking for.

He bought a $1,500 gold bracket, money orders of more than $1,800 and a $1,000 prepaid debit card in someone else’s name.

James is looking at 20 years in prison if found guilty. He will learn his fate when he’s due back in court on March 26.

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