It appears the annual, "day after Easter" tradition will get back on track in Buffalo.

According to WKBW, the Dyngus Day parade in Buffalo is being planned on happening, says Eddy Dobosiewicz, the president of Dyngus Day Buffalo.

This comes after Governor Andrew Cuomo said that gathering limits will be increased in New York State starting on March 22nd.

To accommodate, the parade numbers would be cut in half compared to past years. Each block would be limited to just 200 spectators.

“There's plenty of room here to spread people out and we will make sure to add here to any mandates that are dictated to us by the government,” said Dobosiewicz.

According to Governor Cuomo, outdoor social gatherings can increase to a maximum of 200 people starting on March 22nd, which explains the 200 people per block limit that the organizer of the Dyngus Day parade is aiming for.

The Erie County Health Department said it hasn't gotten word yet on the updated guidelines on gatherings limits from New York State. Right now, anyone planning a large gathering is asked to contact the local health department.

Outdoor wedding receptions or similar events exceeding 150 people are required to get approval from the local health department, but it's not clear if that will be the case here, and for the new gathering limit guidelines the state introduced on Wednesday. We'll see if those guidelines are updated.

For now, event organizers are planning on the Dyngus Day parade happening in the city of Buffalo on April 5th!

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