After watching the video below, I've come to understand that this a great opportunity for anyone who's looking for stable job to land employment working for a company committed to it's employees.  How can you tell?  You can tell because of the companies reputable history of employee satisfaction and retention.  According the report in the video, and from listening to employees at the Lockport GM Plant (in the video), people are satisfied with their employer and boast about the certainty of employment longevity ... a very stress-free attitude to have while holding down a job and very important with respect to good health even.

With that said, Lockport GM, Lockport's largest employer, according to a news report expanding and set to hire a new additional group of employees upwards of 100 persons.  If you're interested, watch the video to learn more about the company, and then scroll down for a link to the companies website to apply for work

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