Recently Blue Ivy and Tyler Perry faced off in a bidding war during the second annual Wearable Art Gala.

On Monday, Perry made a visit to Jimmy Kimmel where he detailed the funny moment between him and Blue Ivy.

He said,

“I was really, really excited to be there and there was this art that came out for auction. It’s this beautiful painting of Sidney Poitier and I’m like, ‘I’ve got to have that.'”

Perry recalled putting up his paddle for the painting and then realized Blue was in the other aisle doing the same. Detailing the moment he continued, “I said, ‘Oh, I’m gonna teach you a lesson today! And she keeps going up and up and up with it.”

“But for me, I’m thinking it’s charity, it’s a good cause and I’m not letting this kid take this painting from me.” He jokingly said, “I’m gonna teach you now little girl! You’re not gonna get everything you want!”

As we all know, Blue bid up to $19,000 before her father interjected, and Perry was able to win the bidding at $20,000.

Check out the Full interview

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