Well we all know what Unofficial national holiday 4/20 is but it is still an illegal holiday in New York State and other states in the USA.

The Depew Police Department official facebook today The post, published at 8:44 a.m., warned the public about "large quantities of extremely potent marijuana that has hit the streets."

The Depew police department also added to facebook: "Allegedly, this marijuana is reported to be laced with toxic chemical that are extremely dangerous to the body,"

Here is where it gets funny:

The department said it was offering "free screenings for anyone wishing to have their stash checked for these toxic chemicals..."

But before you come in to the police station with your weed, get it all together in one bag, police encouraged, in order to "make it much easier for our officers to test your product."

Just some humor from the boys in blue, I can only imagine how many people actually did this.



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