I absolutely LOVE to cook...only obstacle is HOW!  What I mean by that is, I can cook a hamburger, hot dog, boil and egg, and even take things a step further and make some spaghetti (warm up some Capellini & Mushroom Spaghetti Sauce and maybe cut up some peppers and onions with a few spices...the easy stuff), I might even venture into making some pancakes and bacon...but put me in the kitchen and start talking about big creative entrees or even small ones (like Lasagna)...I AM LOST!

This is why I have so much respect for Professional Chefs.  Cooking at the Professional Chef level is not only amazing to me, it's also a Gift to be able to do so.  Enter Buffalo Chef, Mike Andrzejewski, owner of Seabar and Cantina Loco.  This guy MUST know what he's doing!  Firstly, he owns two local restaurants as mentioned; Seabar Sushi and Cantina Loco, (which I MUST check out) and he also won a chance to head up against Famed Chef, Bobby Flay, on the Food Network (according to News Sources).

The Program is called 'Beat Bobby Flay' and it comes on Thursday nights on the Food Network.  The program already aired, but Chef Mike was given 20 minutes to us a 'Star Ingredient' to create a winning dish and he WON!

Congratulations to Chef Mike Andrzejewski!  Looks like it time to visit Seabar and Cantina Loco and get some Award Winning Dishes!  (Links to both restaurants websites below video)


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