Dennis and Rhonda Wilson have been spotlighting local businesses and recognizing people for what they do in the community for a long time now. The Wilson's are not only business professionals, but they are also huge advocates for people that are making positive moves in Buffalo, and they are using their platform to make sure that no one goes unnoticed. The first issue on the Panoramic magazine was released in 2019. The Wilson's are now on their 5th issue which covers a wide range of topics from Lifestyle, Carrer, Business, Education, and Religion.

Because of the pandemic, no one has been in the Oakk Room for over a year. It felt good to see business owners and people from the community come out to celebrate the release of the latest issue of Panoramic magazine, Meet The Wilson's.

Some Buffalo Fun At The Panoramic Magazine Release Party

There are so many local businesses in Buffalo, and it is really good to see the number of new businesses that continue to open in Buffalo. Another great thing that I'm starting to see more of, is mentors, educators, and community leaders coming together to help out our youth. This release party was the first time many people have gotten together and a while, so the positive vibes were in the air as well as the drinks.



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