Tonight's BIG DUMMY is rapper/ceo/skateboarder Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne was recently stopped from coming into the San Antonio Spurs vs Oklahoma City Thunder play off game. The official reason coming from the Oklahoma City Thunder was that Lil Wayne didn't have a ticket. On the other hand a lot of people saying it has to do with James Harden's girlfriend rapper Trina. Lil Wayne used to date Trina awhile ago and was recently seen in club Liv in Miami confessing his love for Trina.

Despite Lil Wayne not being able to get into the play off game vs The Spurs, he returned for last night's finals game. (Oklahoma City Thunder vs Miami Heat). He was denied entry AGAIN. What did Lil Wayne think changed from the last time ? This is the NBA championship the Thunder/James Harden don't need any distractions especially from a disrespectful rapper.

Lil Wayne lives in Miami I'm sure The Heat will be more than happy to let him in the arena to distract James Harden during the three games they will be playing there. Lil Wayne is the BIG DUMMY of the night because he keeps on flying out to Oklahoma knowing he won't be admitted into the games and then being upset about it. "Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me."