R&B Singer / Reality TV Star K Michelle & Lil Kim are at it again. The two exchange crazy words on air and online. Sip the tea here.

Anyone wanna buy a heart

K. Michelle has been making media rounds to promote her album Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart, that dropped on Tuesday. And instead of paying homage to women in hip hop who came before her, she dishes out insult after insult about Lil Kim, calling her "Plastic Penny" "PayPal Platinum". One of the weirdest things K said was that Kim asked her to be God Mother to Royal Reign (Kim's daughter).

The Queen B don't play when it comes to her family. Check out what she said in a radio interview:

On K Michelle being the godmother to her child:

 “That chick is a bag of pecans. A trailmix. You know when you eating a trailmix and all the nuts you like you eat and the nuts that you can’t stand you put them back in the bag. She’s the bag of nuts you put back in the bag. Like a black jelly bean. She is NUTS. She is so nuts you are liable to see her skipping. Who skips? Why would I ever make her my child’s godmother? I’ve only met this woman one time…one time in person. We talked on the phone after that because she was a fan of mine. We never had a conversation about her being my child’s godmom. I DON’T know you. Why would I do that?”
Instagram : Lil Kim

K Michelle Responds on Twitter the next day


Damn K Michelle I thought you said you "Love Em All"! Where's the love for Kimmy? The "PayPal Platinum" line refers to the fact that Lil Kim released her "Black Friday" mixtape via the online banking service PayPal. But so what? PayPal pays out real cash so what's the problem? I'm still looking for K Michelle's platinum plaque .....