Over the weekend, a "new" Lil Durk record was released into the atmosphere: "Ain't Did Shit For Me," produced by Izze The Producer. On it, the Chitown rapper says, "They say I'm signed to Def Jam, no I'm not / I'm signed to OTF, they took they spot / Fuck them n*ggas, I hope they rot." You can hear it above.

The song quickly prompted questions online about whether the Remember My Name MC had been dropped from Def Jam less than a year after dropping his proper debut with them.

XXL reached out to Lil Durk's team about the song and ended up talking to Durk himself in between tour stops. "I'm definitely signed to Def Jam," he confirmed over the phone. "The song got leaked and it was a freestyle I did a long time ago. At the time I made the song, I was independent."

Def Jam obviously ended up signing the kid, but Durk also told us that the new song was a potential intro for his latest mixtape 300 Days, 300 Nights before getting replaced. To his credit, the song is that good.

Durk's Def Jam debut remains one of the best, most slept-on albums of 2015. It was sequenced to perfection and brought spectacular songs like "Higher" and "What Your Life Luke" to the public alongside popular singles like "Like Me" and "Tryna' Tryna'" with his labelmate Logic.

Now Durk's got another single buzzing on the airwaves - "My Beyoncé," a collab with his boo Def Loaf. That track came on his free 300 Days, 300 Nights tape last year, but it was released as an official single to retail in December. Peep the video for that below.

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