There have been talks of legalizing marijuana for a long time now, many people and businesses have great points on why they feel like it should be legal here like it is in other states.

According to WGRZ, Governor Andrew Cuomo is going to put forward another proposal to get marijuana legalized. In 2019 and 2020, Andrew Cuomo attempted to get recreational marijuana fully legalized, but was unsuccessful. This would be his third attempt in as many years to get the drug fully legalized in this state.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Wednesday is part of his state of the state agenda. The proposal will ask for the creation of a new office of  Cannabis Management, that will oversee recreational use, as well as medical use. The Governor's office says that if marijuana is legalized in this state, it would generate more than $300 million in tax revenue.

Despite the many challenges New York faced amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it has also created a number of opportunities to correct the long standing wrongs and build New York back better than ever before.

said, Governor Andrew Cuomo, according to WGRZ

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I'm sure there are many benefits to the use of recreational marijuana, not only for people in the cannabis business but for all the income it can generate for the state, which should create more jobs as well.

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