Downtown is going to have a party, socially distanced of course, on Saturday for the Buffalo Bills playoff game.

Part of Chippewa will be shut down and you can reserve a table of up to 4 people, 50 dollars per person. Before everyone goes up in arms, you get the 50 dollars per person off of your bill at the end. They want to ensure everyone is socially distanced properly, which means they have to set up chairs and tables efficiently, so they need to know you are for sure coming down.

Let's talk about the game. Byron Brown and the City of Buffalo are all on board for this street 'party'. The AFC Wild Card Game will be shown on 2 TVs on Chippewa on either end of the street. The street will be closed off between Delaware and Franklin, with tables and chairs placed down the middle of it and you can see both TVs from no matter where you end up sitting. According to WGRZ:

I think they are like 20 feet by 14 feet or something on either end of the street," said Rachel DeDomenico, president of the Chippewa Alliance.

The kickoff to the game is 1:05 pm on Saturday.

The Chamber of Commerce in Williamsville was trying to do the exact same thing, but the plans got shut down by the Department of Transportation because Route 5 (Main Street) is a State Road.

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