Businesses all over Western New York are not only struggling financially but, businesses are also having a hard time with what is considered high risk or low risk as it relates to which color zone the business might be in.

According to WIVB, in a recent Supreme Court ruling Lasertron can reopen, this is a family fun place where kids and adults alike can go to, run around, play games and, participate in the Actual Laser tag game. The business plans to reopen on Thursday, January 7th, after the great news of the official ruling.

Justice Emilio Colaiacovo, agreed that the statewide guidelines for moderate-risk sports and recreation. With this interpretation of the rules, Lasertron meets the standards for reopening, there are some guidelines the business will have to follow but, I'm sure that is a small trade-off for being able to open and make money to pay bills.

Some of the guidelines Lasertron patrons will have to follow are, a mask will be required at all times while at the facility, the Arcade will remain closed, there will be no food or beverage service and, you will not be allowed to bring any outside food or drinks in. Lasertron will also have two sets of equipment, and while one set is being used, the other set will be sanitized.

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According to WIVB, you can check out all the Lasertron COVID-19 policies on the Lasertron website.


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