Talk about some Miracle-Gro! LOL

By this time next week, odds are that you have probably gone to the pumpkin patch and gotten your pumpkins with the family and started all of your Fall traditions. If you don't go to a patch, you may even just go to Wegman's or TOPS and just go pick some up to put on the porch or carve with the kids. BUT, without the farmers who grow them, we would never have all of these Fall pumpkin traditions. It's super easy to grow a pumpkin, though, right? But, what about a pumpkin that grows over 1,000 pounds? That takes some skill.

How big is the biggest pumpkin ever grown in Western New York? We don't have the exact number, but this year, the biggest pumpkin at the 26th annual tradition at The Great Pumpkin Farm was HUGE! The pumpkin farm in Clarence held it’s world pumpkin weigh-off Sunday and the winner for 2021 was David Duboy and weighed in at 1,359 pounds.

I was interested in how you grow a pumpkin that big because honestly, we can't even keep a succulent alive very long in our house. Bottom line: if you want to grow a pumpkin that large, you are going to need a ton of time, almost a year head start and a LOT of cow manure. Here are some directions and tips I found if you want a 1,000-pound pumpkin.

EXTRA: There are some seriously talented people out there in WNY. Some people can really do some artistic things with a pumpkin. Take a look at some of these throwback Buffalo Bills and Sabres-themed pumpkins

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