New York State doesn't want you to use candles in your pumpkin anymore? The tradition of using a lit candle in your pumpkins that are on your front porch for Halloween may be a thing of the past.

The New York State Division of Consumer Services lays out all of the laws and regulations for Halloween in the State, and here are some suggestions when it comes to the decorations and pumpkins you use on your front porch.

Use battery operated tea-lights, LED lights or glow sticks instead of an open flame candle for your Jack-o-Lanterns. Keep your decorated Jack-o-Lanterns away from curtains, decorations or other flammable objects that could be ignited. Keep any candles or Jack-o-Lanterns away from landings or doorsteps, according to the New York State website.

It seems kind of annoying if New York State wants to try and control all of this stuff. Though, you have to admit it is a whole lot easier using the battery candles because they last so much longer.

Where will you be doing your trick-or-treating this year?

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