it seems Kodak Black is out here trying to spread a little positivity! Recently, Kodak donated to the family of  slain officer named Terrence Carraway from Florence County Sheriff’s office who was fatally shot when a man ambushed him and 6 other officers when trying to serve a warrant to another man.

Kodak donated $2500 to the slain officer’s GoFundMe account under his legal name Bill Kapri. Sources close to Kodak confirmed it was him and explained that Kodak donated because he felt the death of Officer Carraway “made a big impression” on him. Sources also confirmed that Kodak was especially upset at the thought of Officer Carraway’s family having to grow up without a father.

The goal for Officer Carraway’s GoFundMe is $60k. Since Kodak’s recent release from prison it seems he’s been in a very giving mood and is committed to showing a different side of himself. The news comes on the heels of Kodak also doing some great things during a recent school supply drive.

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