As everyone in the Western New York area is preparing for the release of the vaccination for the COVID-19 virus, there are some concerns about who is going to be eligible for the vaccines when they are first released.

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According to, children under 18 in New York City will not receive the COVID-19 vaccination, mainly because there has not been enough testing done of children in that age group, which was revealed by the city's Health Commissioner last week.

Two of the vaccines that are expected to arrive in New York later this month " the vaccines have not had sufficient testing in children as of yet". Said, Commissioner Dr. Dave Chokski according to Although there have been children between the ages of 12 and 18 for both of the vaccines Pfizer and Moderna, Dr. Chokski added that the city hasn't seen data from either company.

The vaccines are expected to be available on December 15th in New York State and most adults will be able to get the vaccinations, health-care workers, nursing home staffers, as well as essential workers will be first in line, but the vaccines are not expected to be more widespread until the middle of the year.

There have also been concerns about the effectiveness of the vaccines and how safe they will be, like most people, I have some reservations as well, but, I would take it after I knew it was safe.

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