The City of Buffalo is refunding tickets issued to 20,000 drivers who were ticketed in school zones.

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Buffalo to Issue Speed Zone Ticket Refunds and Cancellations

The refunds or ticket cancellations are being issued to drivers who were ticketed incorrectly, according to WKBW. The legislation that allows for tickets to be issued under the School Zone Safety Program must be issued within 14 days of the alleged speeding infraction. The City was issuing tickets to people after the 14 day period, according to Channel 7. In some cases, fines were not issued to drivers until months after they were allegedly speeding in school zones.

Mayor Brown Blames Camera Vendor for Ticket Mistakes

“My Administration has spoken with the vendor at their highest level to express our disappointment and is committed to holding Sensys Gatso accountable for this situation while ensuring that an error like this does not occur again.”

Drivers who have received tickets, that were incorrectly issued, will receive a refund for the full fine amount. Drivers who have not yet paid their fines will not be required to pay. You can call 311 to get more information.

The vendor, Sensys Gatso, also issued a statement, which says, in part,

Notifications have already started going out to all motorists affected that their citations will be voided and for any fines already paid, refunds including any credit card convenience fee, if applicable, are forthcoming. Sensys Gatso remains committed to the City of Buffalo and their goal of reducing speeding in local school zones for the safety of the community at large.

You can read the Mayor's full statement, as well as Sensys Gatso's full statement on WKBW's website.

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