Everyone wants to manage their money better and save, so I'm embarking on a series of interviews with KeyBank about financial fitness. You can catch them on air between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. each Thursday or online HERE.

In a recent interview with Senior Vice President Kawanza Humphrey, I asked how KeyBank can help people with managing and saving money. You can listen to the whole thing below:

I loved Kawanza's commitment to the Buffalo community and her clients. She said,

At key, our purpose is to help our clients and communities thrive. We are focused on helping you make financial progress, improve your money skills and help you manage your money. We understand you have bills, needs demands and we are here to help you find ways to save and make your paycheck last a little longer.

That made me wonder, for those people in the community who don't have a relationship with a bank, what is one way that someone could begin to establish one with KeyBank?

Kawanza answered,

A great option is KeyBank Plus Check Cashing, which is available at several of our branches in Buffalo, including our newest one at 752 East Delavan Ave. near Grider Street. It allows individuals without accounts to cash their approved payroll, tax refund, or government checks for a low fee, much lower than check cashing stores charge.

Kawanza also added,

For someone looking to learn more about KeyBank Plus Check Cashing or opening an account, they should stop by one of our friendly bankers. Our bankers are here to help you learn more about everything KeyBank offers. You can also schedule a financial wellness review where one of our bankers will help you see where your finances stand and help you meet your financial needs.

Ready to take that next financial step? Learn more about KeyBank Plus Check Cashing and account options at key.com/personal/index.jsp or stop by one of their convenient locations. You can search for the nearest location here.