Kevin Hart has made some irresponsible choices throughout his life as we all have, however one of those mistakes involved him being unfaithful to his wife, which is a mistake people tend to elevate over any other potential mistakes.  Cheating seems to be "The Mistake of All Mistakes".  This scenario for Kevin Hart had to result in a very stressful time for Kevin and his Wife & Kids (Family), but he has seemingly moved on and is now going to use those mistakes to make you laugh, about some of them at least.  Before being able to joke about his woes, Kevin Hart had to do some apologising as you see here (below).

Well as I said earlier, that's all behind Kevin now and he's back on track and ready to share his responsibilities with you in a comical fashion.


Check back here on Wednesday, January 31 as tickets don't go on sale for the Buffalo performance until then

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