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Valentine's Day has passed thankfully for some while others spent the day professing their love to their partners both privately and openly all over social media.Even though Valentine's Day can be a sore spot for some, thanks to the boom of super talented internet comedians, we were all able to share a laugh or two despite what the day consisted of.

If you were scrolling through your favorite comedian's posts for the day, you probably seen that even Buffalo's very own actress and comedienne Reema Reem got into the Valentine's Day spirit and in on the action!  Reema Reem was tapped to star in a short film entitled "Valentine" alongside Desi Banks and Pretty Vee and it definitely didn't disappoint!

Radio ReddRoxx: First and foremost, congratulations on all your recent success girl!
Reema Reem: Thankkkk Youuu I am so thankful.

RRR:  You're so welcome! You've of course been in movies but your most recent opportunity was a short film. Was "Desi Banks and Pretty Vee's Valentine" your first?

RR: Yes this was my first “Short Film” project.

RRR: Ok dope! How did they get in contact with you for the part and what was your reaction?

RR: Well I submitted for the role on a whim, after seeing another Buffalo comedian (Terre King) repost that they were looking for someone.  I had worked with Desi on the City Girls Video and could have contacted him directly but I just submitted to the casting email.  He ended up contacting ME directly telling me he seen that I sent in my headshots/resume and asked if I wanted to read the script! I was like OF COURSE!! He said cool we shoot Saturday (It was like Monday)! I was like I WILL GET THERE, (ATL) knowing it was a great opportunity!

RRR: That sounds so exciting and seems like it was meant to be. It's every person's dream to work with the greats in their Industry! What was it like working with Desi Banks and Pretty Vee?

RR: I worked with Desi before and he was so cool & humble. He Told me how I was super funny and he looked forward to working with me in the future... fast forward to the short film he had that same awesome energy very professional and soooo funny! Pretty Vee was just the sweetest thing and sooooo funny!! Her energy was genuine positive and humble also!  Their chemistry on set was great! She told me I was beautiful, doing a good job and not to be nervous- because I was! They are so silly and just improv so well! I was watching and learning.  They had me laughing so much!

RRR: That sounds like an amazing experience! It's good to know that some of our favorite comedians are dope and down to earth in real life. Now, you played the part of Roxy in "Valentine", was it hard for you to get into her character?

RR: It wasn’t too hard because I have this “Baddie” “HotGirl” (Or Room Temperature Woman) persona that I do on stage during my comedy sets so I just turned that up several notches.  I was just nervous because I felt that I was not quite the body type for the role but I just turned my personality/ talent up and exaggerated my personas- and BOOM Roxy.

RRR: Nah girl, you did that for sure! You were definitely believable lol So how has the support for "Valentine" been so far?


RR: So far the Youtube has over half a million views.  The comments and feedback have been positive.  I even seen a great comment on my role and my little comebacks.  Personally my support and love is always awesome, people were reposting tagging and telling me they enjoyed it.

RRR: Half a million!? I'm sure that's a major milestone in your career! With that being said, how has the road to being a well-known and respected comedienne been for you?

RR: It’s been fast and humbling.  Not easy that’s for sure.  But it isn’t supposed to be.  So I just keep God first and keep working.  I still have lots of road ahead of me.

RRR: You're on the right path for sure. Do you have any advice for others looking to break into the industry?

RR: Well I’m just cracking the surface myself but to get started be disciplined, study your craft and create your own lane.  Don’t compare yourself or your progress to anyone else’s success because that will keep you distracted and discouraged.  BE YOU do the work and let God open those doors up!

RRR: Definitely solid advice for just about any career path. So with this short film release going so well,  are you currently working on any other projects?

RR: Reed/King Ent (Directors for the Movie "Conflicted") have a comedy that they will be shooting later this year that I am apart of.  Production had been postponed due to Covid.  I have some comedy shows and hosting gigs in the spring.  I’m also taking another acting class and just working in my craft.


RRR: Ok so you workin' workin'! I wish you nothing but success with your future endeavors and in the meantime how and where can we support you?

RR: Follow me on social media of course; Instagram Facebook and Youtube - @ReemaReem and most importantly once you follow me, please please like my posts, comment & share them, it all helps me grow my platform which gives me exposure and more opportunities.  Oh and check out the short film on Youtube and comment on my character.

RRR: Definitely will do! Thank you again! Looking forward to seeing more from you Reema Reem!

RR: As always thank you and 93.7WBLK for the support! Having this hometown love and support has really been a big part of my journey always grateful!

Check out the short film Desi and Pretty Vee's "Valentine" featuring Reema Reem below and don't forget to drop a comment!

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