For just a moment, imagine if:

* Instead of it being St. Joe’s versus Timon, it was actually Bennett versus South Park.

* The game took place at Johnny B. Wiley Stadium on the East Side instead of Tifft Field in South Buffalo.

* It was Mike Williams, Corey Graham or James Starks who ran out on the field instead of Chad Kelly.

Have you imagined those things? Got those facts in your mind yet? Ok, so now ask yourself these questions:

* Would the multiple news outlets who reported on this story have used the same tone?

* Would this have been described as a simple fight or would it have been a stands clearing brawl?

* Would the Buffalo Police Department really not have arrested anyone?

* Would the adult football player who ran out on the field have been described as a passionate kid who's emotions got the best of them? Or would they be described as a thug with a propensity for and a history of such behavior?

* Would the two teams have been described as boys just being boys playing football? Or would they be called animals?

But eh, it doesn't really matter. We're just using our imagination and none of those other things would ever happen in America. You know, the land of the free, home of the brave, where are all men are created equal and we have liberty and justice for all…


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