You've more than likely heard about all the problems the Amherst Chuck E Cheese's location.  Well, despite threats to limit problems by taking away the store's Gaming License, the location will remain open and be fully operational, including something I was unaware of at this particular Chuck E Cheese's...Alcohol!

I'm just now learning of liquor being sold at this particular Chuck E Cheese's location after reading a WGRZ News Article regarding Chuck E Cheese's remaining open there.  However, it seems the fact that liquor is sold at the Amherst location is being downplayed and is a non-issue based on the comments, within the WGRZ News Story, from Terry Conners, an attorney and representative for the Amherst location who said this after meeting with the New York State Liquor Authority regarding fights and disturbances that have taken place at this location:

"We cooperated. We provided them information and background. They looked through it and nothing has occurred yet. It's our belief that they will conclude that alcohol had no role in these events."

My personal reaction is ... REALLY!?  The huge brawl I saw on video had nothing to do with alcohol consumption?  I am also baffled as to why alcohol is even necessary within an establishment designed for it really appropriate...especially in light of the public disturbances that have transpired within this store?  I would think that, moving forward, one of the major changes would have been the removal of all alcohol related products from this volatile location.  Rather, Increased Security is the focus of the changes being implemented by the decision makers at the Amherst location.

According to the WGRZ News Story,  the changes will affect Security initiatives in that there will be extended hours for Security at this location among other rule changes.  Here's how the WGRZ News Article reads:

An armed guard will be there 48 hours a week up from 20, and if anyone is caught cursing or not following the rules posted on the wall and napkin dispensers, they'll be escorted to their cars. They also installed new security cameras, and cut back on the number of people allowed at birthday parties.

Apparently alcohol is not a concern at this location and it will be business as usual regarding that aspect of the store remaining open.  This is what Chuck E. Cheese’s COO Randy Forsythe said regarding the fights and the new extended Security measures that will be implemented

"That was families fighting families, and so, you just never know. So, what we've agreed to do to get with the chief, and to whenever we have big groups like that, to have his police walk through our store, proactively,"

Well only time will tell as to whether the most effective decisions for change have been made regarding the Amherst Chuck E Cheese's location.

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