In case you hadn't heard, the Bills played the Chiefs yesterday and won.  But fans are freaking out about something that happened after the game.

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It is arguably the biggest regular season win of the year for the Bills.  It's definitely one that fans have had circled on their calendars since the day the schedule came out.  It was everything that every Bills fan was hoping for.  They went into Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City and beat their nemesis.  They were able to slay the giant and all kinds of other cliche statements.

But it was something that happened after the game was over that had some fans talking.  I'll let you see if you can pick it out before I tell you what it is.  It happened during his post-game interview with Tracy Wolfson on CBS.

HINT:  Scroll to the end of the interview to see what they're so concerned about...

It really was a great interview.  Allen was poised and said everything that you'd have wanted him to say.  He gave credit to the other team and he praised the other players around him.  But he forgot one big thing that fans look forward to every week on those post-game interviews.

He forgot to say "Go Bills!"

He never forgets.  He says 'Go Bills' every time and people look forward to it.

People didn't miss it either.  It's almost every other comment on the video.  "He forgot to say 'Go Bills'!?"


Bills fans were shook!  But let's be honest, if he was going to make one mistake, at least it was during the interview and not during the game.  He was pretty much perfect through all 4 quarters against what is one of the best teams in football these days.

Here's to hoping they have as much success against them when they see them again.  That is going to be the win that's really going to matter.

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