The tensions were high last night, for sure. Everyone knew it.

Players were mad.

Fans were mad.

This Buffalo Bills team, and the fans, had much higher expectations this year. The Bills currently sit 7-5 with five games left of the season and now 1.5 games behind the Patriots as they head into their bye week.

One reporter rattled off a few stats criticizing the run defense and then asked Jordan Poyer and Micha Hyde if "does that embarrass you?" After giving an answer and then abruptly Hyde said as he walked out of the room:

It’s all about respect I come here every single week and I answer your questions, truthfully, honestly, I appreciate you guys. Don’t do that. Don’t do that.

Now, it is all over social media this morning, but was the reporter wrong to ask the question? 

People were getting all mad at the reporter, but it was just a question. Let's face it the Bills did not play great. Now, was it solely the defensive lapse? Absolutely not. In fact, they made some big plays, but it wasn't an attack on their character or any personal matters outside of football. Now, that would be inappropriate, as some people were calling the reporter. They're the media. They ask brutal questions, sometimes. They ask hard questions, sometimes. I think Hyde and Poyer handled it fine and did not over-react. But, when it comes to the question the reporter asked, I don't think it was THAT bad.

Make sure you slide over to see Micha Hyde say something else to the media beforehand

The Buffalo Bills will get their rematch with the New England Patriots and Damien Harris coming up soon, though. The Bills will travel to visit New England the day after Christmas this year for a game at 1 pm.

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