Things couldn't be going much better for the Buffalo Bills and quarterback Josh Allen.

The Bills are about to take on the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Divisional Round, which will be a meeting of last year's AFC Championship game.

The Bills have made the playoffs the past three seasons under fourth-year quarterback, Josh Allen, and have won back-to-back AFC East titles. The Bills have won double-digit games the last three seasons as well.

Allen was runner-up in the NFL MVP voting last year and has combined for over 100 total touchdowns the last two years, including the playoffs. It's amazing how far he has come in his career, and there's zero doubt now -- Josh Allen is one of the best quarterback's in the NFL.

But if you remember back in April of 2018, it was a far different story. Experts, draft analysts and fans alike, were calling Allen a guaranteed bust and that he couldn't possibly improve his college completion percentage at the University of Wyoming.

Many Bills fans wanted UCLA quarterback, Josh Rosen, but the Bills traded up to pick 7 to select Allen as the team's future franchise quarterback.

I've seen the night the Bills drafted Allen quite a few times, but just today, the clip of Allen talking about how thankful he was being drafted by the Bills and the City of Buffalo has been making the rounds on Twitter today.

If you have never heard this, it will make you smile ear to ear.

Here's the full clip.

The Bills do look like the smartest people out there now, that's for sure.

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